It all began with a 2 acre field and a dream..

My name is Kendall Loewen, and with my wife Andrea, we established Wild Willows in the fall of 2013, on just that.. a plot of land, a couple hundred ranunculus bulbs, and a dream!  It has blossomed into a full fledge specialty cut flower farm, supplying wedding designers and florists with fresh cut quality flowers and foliage from March thru December!

Andrea:  My mother had a green thumb and loved to be in her garden!  I learned the love of flowers from her!  She spent many hours working in her neat, well kept flower beds!  Sunflowers were one of her favorites!  I have many good memories of having my own little plot, set aside by my mother, to do with as I pleased!

Kendall:  I grew up in Brazil, South America, on a soybean farm, and was born with a farmer's heart for the soil!  I am very passionate about biological farming and using earth friendly methods.  My wife and I share a common interest in running our farm on these principles!  I have always been a gardener, and love experimenting with non conventional methods! 

We have two precious miracle babies, both adopted at birth! Scott joining us in spring of 2014, and Amy in fall of 2016!  They are a sweet handful, and we are looking forward to raising them on a farm and teaching them to treat this beautiful earth with respect!

"Willow" has a special place in our hearts for two reasons.  We brought home a little blue heeler puppy in spring of 2016, and the same week received a gift of rooted willow cuttings from a friend and fellow flower farmer.  In honor of her gift, we named the puppy Willow!  She has a special part to play on the farm in keeping our fields deer free!  (That summer we brought home a mate for her, a little male red heeler puppy named Hawthorn!)  So we are pursuing our love for willows of all kinds..  pussy willows, curly willows, along with other colored willows, and are planting new kinds whenever we can get our hands on them! 

Where are we taking Wild Willows in the future? Good question!  We have been growing primarily annuals, but have been investing in a lot of shrubs and perennials the last couple years.  But really our hearts are drawn to dahlias!  So the direction of our farm will be slowing turning more towards dahlias in the future!  We love selling quality local dahlias to wedding designers, we love growing them to sell tubers, and last but not least, we are passionate about crossing dahlias, saving seed, and coming up with new varieties for the cut flower market!  Stay tuned for the first installment of Wild Willow's very own dahlias in summer of 2019!  But most of all, we want to be a trustworthy, wholesale priced, bulk tuber grower for all those flower farmers and home gardeners in the US!  We specialize in the highly sought after colors, ones that brides and designers pine for! 

Watch out, dahlia world!

Our mission here at Wild Willows is to grow quality seasonal flowers without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  We have done much research into biological natural farming methods, and we like to incorporate them in, along with no till bed preparation.

We are always a work in progress!